Monday, November 15, 2010

Opening Day

In Michigan, today was a major holiday. It was opening day of deer season. We got the day off of school and all! The boys went out hunting. Jake shot us a nice doe, so there will be some tender juicy venison to add to the freezer. Damion missed one, but he has a couple more weeks to get another. Josh shot one and is in the process of looking for it right now. He really wants to find it before the coyotes make off with it. It is supposed to be a "monster". I am so blessed to have wildlife and family members that enjoy hunting. It really helps out with my grocery budget.
This leads me to my next point that I wanted to bring up. I have been really feeling the conviction to stock up on provisions. I think our world is going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better. I would love to hear your ideas on keeping a well supplied pantry. Mine seems so unorganized right now and it all just haphazard. I don't like I always dream of this uber organized life, but the real life shows up instead. That's ok, God has given me a good life.
I am reading A Woman After God's Own Heart by Elizabeth George right now. Actually, I am rereading it. I love her writing, it is so down to earth and practical. The one point that really stuck out today is that I really want to begin living each second, minute, hour, day for my Lord and Savior. There are a lot of fears that come up when I make that statement, but I am trusting God to give me the strength that I need to follow Him.
Well, it is getting late and I am going to go relax with my wonderful family.
Take care!

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